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Re: 3 kids, a mortgage, 8 years later and Happily Un-Married!!!

Just want to say that everyone that gets married doesn't have a fancy expensive wedding. We went down to the courthouse to file for a marriage license, found out you could just do it then (the ceremony) so we went down in regular clothes with just our DS in his stroller and got married. It was super simple, and very inexpensive. I just wear my engagement ring as a wedding ring (I don't need or want two rings) and DH got a wedding band that is nice but wasn't too $$.

Also, not all marriages end in divorce. I've seen just as many people break up and split that weren't married as are married. It just makes it a little easier I suppose not having to actually file for divorce, etc, but once kids are in the picture a split isn't going to be any easier really.

There are certainly benefits that come with that little piece of paper. For starters, in our case, DH's health insurance is really good and I am basically just a SAHM with an enjoyable but not high paying PT job. When we have a second child, I'll go back to being a SAHM for awhile again. Private health insurance costs a fortune if you don't want insane deductables and coverage for everything. I didn't have health insurance after DS was born almost two years ago and it sucked and is nerve wracking wondering about the what if's.

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