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ISO kids dvds, reusable nursing pads, natural teethers+! Iha unpaper, bday banners,+!

Work in progress, I will be adding more iso and iha
Dr Sears Vaccine book (don't remember the name)
DS (6 1/2)
cotton pjs in size small or 7 (winter or summer)
EUC winter shirts and jeans

DD (2 years):
non plastic toddler spoons and forks *esp spoons!*
WAHM clothes (try me...I have an ideal for all her wardrobe to be mama made, but I don't have the time!)
stainless steel sippy cups
DVDS/Bluray: Benjamin Bear (We have a few), Bearenstein Bears, Caillou, Angelina Ballerina, Mr Rogers

Newbie due in August:
boyish/gn wool yarn and knit/crochet longies small/medium
CD friendly rash cream
CD detergent
snappis or boingos (whatever they're called!)
Advocacy tshirts
Natural teethers (rubber and wood)
muslin swaddling blankets
amber necklace/anklet

Sealed essential oils (not mixes)
natural soap, shampoo, and conditioner (WAHM welcome)
black/brown or black new mascara
cashmere sweaters (*any size*) for re-purposing I can find these for 3-6 dollars at thrift stores so I would expect that type of tv
new heavy flow mama cloth *or post partum*
re-usable breast pads in natural fibers (save me the time of making my own!)
nice EUC diaper bag (no baby that I could go out with even when I have no kids)...again, save me from having to make this!

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
non plastic measuring cups/spoons
Brita faucet filters
stainless steel cups
cute sewing patterns (try me!)
Sewing books w/ patterns
Soap Nuts
wool dryer balls

Gender Neutral Beco/Boba/Ergo for DH
Try me on wovens: shorties-size 4

Try me WAHMs! Love hand made things!

...and from a smoke free, pet free home,
__________I HAVE_______________
6 new yummy apple unpaper cloth towels backed in high quality green terry tv 13 plus shipping

"Welcome" Banner:
Each square is 5"x5", edges are pinked to prevent fraying, double twine rope on either side for adjustable hanging. A few of the letters have splotches from where some glue got on to my iron, but they are very hard to notice.
TV: 10 ppd

"Gratitude" Banner:
Each square is 5"x5", edges are pinked to prevent fraying. The squares hang from elastic to make for more adjustable hanging. Colors and prints are vintage reproductions.TV: 14 PPD

Burlap "Tea" Banner:TV: 11 ppd
Perfect for a little girl's room or tea party! Pendants are 10"x7". Burlap pendants laced with wired ecru ribbon, fixed with lace ribbon. "Tea" is stenciled on.

Custom Burlap Name banner TV: 8 flat rate and .75 each pendant plus shipping Each pendant will have a finished edge, unlike the pics of the example

Custom bday banner: TV: 25 plus shipping
Each pendant is 10x7", so the banners are just over 8 ft long. I can do themes and colors of your choice, but the pendants will always be either natural or pink, as pictured. I can also do the pendants in burlap with stencils in whatever color.
These specific banners are not available but are examples of a few I've made

I will be generous in trading the following items for my iso
EUC Ventilated crib bumper:

NWT Carter's 3 piece camo outfit (size 3 mo)

NWT Okie Dokie 3/6 mo "no training wheels" outfit

EUC Carter's 3 mo outfit

EUC Genuine Baby adjustable overall outfit

EUC Small Wonders 6/9 mo two piece outfit

GUC 3/6 mo Mickey outfit

Lot of 0-3 mo shorts

3 mama made (not me) well loved fitted diapers size med/large

NEW onesies

Felted wool longies (my fav for dd!) made by me. They have a hole in the crotch from me squeezing her into them when she was maybe a little too big But they are just too adorable not to put on here!
9 1/2" inseam
14 1/2" rise
15" waist

You can leave the waistband up instead of folded

EUC Star Wars and Toy Story Twin sheet sets *flat, fitted, pillow case*
Emily, wife to Jon and mama to Joshua (11/05), Gianna (5/10), and Isaiah!
Baby 4 coming in May!

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