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SOLD please delete

Smoke Free/Pet free home. Prices do NOT include shipping. Shipping will be $2 for the first item, $.50 for each additional item, unless you spend over $40 then shipping will be free. Thanks for looking and please PM with interest.

And, I still have more to have been taken but still need to be uploaded. Mostly jeans/pants (size 3/3T) but a few more tops too.

1. TCP 4T EUC $3 (each) Red SOLD

2. Gymbo Outlet 3T VGUC $4

3. H&M 4-6y VGUC $4

4. Gymbo Outlet 3T GUC (Fade) $3

5. TCP 3T GUC $3

6. Gymbo Outlet 3T VGUC $4

7. Arizona size S (fits like a 4/4T) EUC $2 + ship SOLD

8. Gymbo 3 GUC (faded) $2

9. Gymbo 3T VGUC (slight fade) Fall Fishing? $4 SOLD

10. Old Navy 4T VGUC (don't see any spots on the sleeves, but they're a little dingy from being washed with darker clothes) $3


12. Jumping Beans 4T VGUC $2 SOLD

13. Cherokee 4T EUC $3 SOLD

14. Gymbo Outlet 3T VGUC $4 SOLD

15. Gymbo Outlet 3T VGUC $4 SOLD

16. TCP 3T VGUC $3 + shipSOLD

17. Gymbo 2-3T EUC (washed, not worn) $6SOLD

18. TCP 4T VGUC $3

19. Gymbo 3T VGUC $4 SOLD

20. Gymbo 3 GUC (fade) $3 sOLD

21. 3T Half Pipe Hero VGUC $4 SOLD

22. 3T Rock n Roll 101 VGUC $4 SOLD

Jumping Beans 4T VGUC (don't see any issues, but it's white and been worn 23. by a 3 year old boy!) $2

24. Gymbo Wilderness Club 4 VGUC $5SOLD

25. Gymbo Outlet Rock Adademy 3T GUC (has a slight green spot on a yellow stripe..not sure what it is...bleeding?) $3SOLD

26. Gymbo 3T Rodeo Cowboy VGUC $5SOLD

27. size 5 NWOT $5SOLD

28. Gymbo 2T-3T Outlet EUC (not even sure it's been worn for more than a minute or 2) $6

29. Paul Frank (Target) 5T VGUC (except my son's initials have been written on the tag in sharpie) $3

30. Gymbo Outlet 3T GUC (dingy sleeves) $2 SOLD

31. Gymbo Half Pipe Hero size 3 GUC (has a couple of very light pen marks on sleeve...would come out with bleach pen) $3 + ship SOLD

32. TCP 3T GUC (has VERY slight spot on one of the white stripes on the front...can't get a good pic of it) $2 SOLD

33. Gymbo 4 VGUC (might have some really faint spots on the front-hard to see and I could only see them in bright light!) $4 SOLD

34. size 5 NWOT $5SOLD

35. TCP 4T EUC $3 SOLD

36. size 5 VGUC $3SOLD

37. Gymbo 4 EUC $5

38. Gymbo track pants, both size 3 EUC $4 each

39. all Gymbo size 3 VGUC (only because they were worn a lot, no obvious issues) $5 each middle and far left SOLD

40. (L to R) Old Navy 3T khaki's VGUC $3SOLD; Carters 4 khaki's EUC $5; Gymbo 3 (might be NWOT) $6SOLD

41. (L to R) Gymbo 3T EUC (these never fit my DS right so he wore maybe once) $6 sOLD; Gymbo 3 Olive Green Cords NWOT $6 SOLD; Calvin Klein 3T play (grass stains) $2

42. (L to R) Gymbo 3T (have adj. waist) VGUC (slight wear on knees) $5 SOLD; Class Club 4T NWOT $5; Calvin Klein 4T play (grass stains on knees) $2

43. (L to R) Gymbo 3 EUC $6; Levi's 3T (VGUC only because he wore a lot but they look great!) $5SOLD; Gymbo Outlet 3 VGUC (just because he wore a lot!) $5 SOLD
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