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So excited for you!! Sounds like your body is doing great work!
Both of my babies popped out on their own terms (and a "little" help from me) because of a threat of induction.

Baby #1 - My water broke at 34 weeks, I sat in a hospital bed for 7 days, and was scheduled to be induced on day 8. DD worked her way out before they could get any drugs in me - doctor rushed into the room just in time!

Baby #2 - This little guy was in no rush to be early. At 8 days past my due date I still wasn't dilated at all. I was scheduled to go into the hospital on a Sunday night for cervical "ripening" (ummm...whatever that is...) then be induced on Monday morning. Once again, my body (and baby) had plans of their own as I had contractions Saturday night that didn't go away on Sunday. I went to the hospital at 1:30pm, and he popped out at 3:51pm (again without drugs, and without induction).

Hang in there! You will do great (even if you do need to be's great that your body is getting ready)

Can't wait to hear your story
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