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Re: Newbie wondering trimmest cloth option?

Originally Posted by bensmommy11 View Post
I'll see how I like the BB with hemp inserts starting tomorrow. They've been washed five times today and I can't wait to use them. Is it normal that they pill during the wash? Will the pilling go away? I have a two week trial with Nicki's Diapers and I'm hoping over the next few washings it will get better before I make my decision to keep or send back. I LOVE how trim they are though...another question I had about hemp was I heard it was very absorbent but it doesn't wick moisture away like the Stay Dry how long can a baby go in a diaper with a hemp insert?
Hi Mama!

I use BB with hemp also. The pilling is normal and no, it doesn't really go away. It doesn't bother me, though. They must be dried in the dryer though. Line drying makes them so crispy!

Yes, these are very trim! They are also quite absorbent. I get around the wicking thing by using a fleece liner over the insert. This helps to dispose of the poo as well. I bought some fleece at Wal-Mart and cut them to the size I wanted. Super cheap and does the trick!

How long you go between changes depends on the baby. My DD can go 2-3 hours quite easily in a BB hemp insert.

Good luck on your cloth diaper hunt!
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