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Re: Chat topic - How are you feeling?

Really, I feel like crap. I am also having random contrax here and there. They aren't anything that worries me, as I have started early BH contrax with all of mine, and still have labors that take FOREVER. But, they are still really uncomfortable. I am tired all the time, and just in general feel yucky. Random headaches, normal for me, and clear up with tylenol, so that's good, but I hate taking tylenol like 3 times a week.

And not all of my blah is pregnancy, my oldest dd is driving me crazy, 3 yr old will NOT potty train, my 1 yr old will NOT talk, and all of that completely stresses me out, so that doesn't help anything. I want to just run away to a beach for a week and be there by myself and lay around all freaking week.
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