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Re: Who Has Started Their Stash?

Originally Posted by brookglen View Post
So, I don't cloth diaper (gasp!). But I'm kind of curious this go around. I guess I just don't get it, aren't you doing laundry all day long? What do you do with the waste, and what about when you're out and about, do you just walk around with a soiled diaper? Isn't it a ton more work?

Also don't you find it hilarious that someone has belonged to a cloth diapering forum for two years and doesnt know the answer to these questions?
I do diaper laundry every 2-3 days so not all day Diaper spayers are a must have IMO for cloth diapering (it's like a small shower head that attaches to your toilet and you just spray off the waste). When I'm out and about I use a wet bag (they really do keep the smell in) to put the wet/soiled diapers in and either toss them in our hanging wet bag when we get home if they are just wet or spray off the soiled ones and then throw them in. It really isn't that much more work especially when you get use to it and it becomes a routine. My sister is newly converted to cloth diapers and she use to say all the time how isn't it so much more work and how she could never do it (now she says it's not much more work either).

I do find it pretty funny you have been here this long and haven't dove into the cloth diaper world

You should really give it a try, now that I do it I would never go back and actually really enjoy it! I will warn it can be addictive
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