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Originally Posted by itsajoi
Just went and stalked my due date forum. Dumb woman...
Not dumb at all. I know after the fact you obviously doubted if you should have, but facing something like that can be healing, too. I still get anxious just seeing the due date club section on here. Sometimes i wish i had th guts to just go in and check on them. I have it built up so high as this big giant scary thing and i think of them often.

Trinity - your box sounds beautiful - a great way to remember your baby.

Sandy - thinking about you. I have heard that its really hard (emotionally) to meet that milestone.

Anya - i am sorry about the opk trouble. So do you think you O'd and missed it then? I feel like using opks is an art form... one I never thought i would be so good at...

Kristen - How exciting! A dog! I love dogs. They can bring such joy to a family. We bought ten chickens shortly after my MC. They arent as cuddly as our pups, but they are sure a welcome distraction.
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