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Re: Chat topic - How are you feeling?

I have been doing good... lots of extra aches and pains this time around which I'm told is normal with a 2nd or more. I have no energy still even though I'm firmly in the 2nd trimester and I also have started "leaking" breast milk. Sometimes if DD is leaning right while on my lap its more of a gush as opposed to a leak. My only true complaint is the fact that I'm still on zofran. My script runs out in a few days and I will once again try to not take it but my MW already told me I may be on it the entire pregnancy. I'm really hoping that's not the case.

Kim: I hope things start going better for you. I can't imagine dealing with preganancy and all those other things.
Jeanette: I am also loving all the movement at this stage. Baby A. even kicks sometimes when DD is leaning on my stomach and also kicks and punches a lot whenever the MW is using the doppler. He/she hates that thing. Its kind of funny!
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