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Re: Who Has Started Their Stash?

I told DH that once I got pregnant I was going to grab the diapers I like every time they came on a half off site. And wouldn't you know that there has been a lot so far? I just got some more Grovia OS this week and last week, I have NB Grovia coming today or tomorrow, got some rainbow PUL covers from Hyena cart that should be here soon. And tomorrow a natural baby store is having a yard sale and they said they were going to have diapers! Super excited. I really only need NB ones and a few OS because I still have plenty from ds2, but I figure if they're going to be cheap, why not?

Originally Posted by brookglen View Post
So, I don't cloth diaper (gasp!). But I'm kind of curious this go around. I guess I just don't get it, aren't you doing laundry all day long? What do you do with the waste, and what about when you're out and about, do you just walk around with a soiled diaper? Isn't it a ton more work?

Also don't you find it hilarious that someone has belonged to a cloth diapering forum for two years and doesnt know the answer to these questions?
I've been CDing for 2 kids now and have yet had to do laundry constantly If you have a decent amount of CDs then you can do laundry every few days. I do laundry twice a week, and that is with 2 boys and one still in CDs (but mostly at night and when we're out). With poop you put it in the toilet and flush it. You're actually suppose to do that with disposable diapers too, but many don't. CDing is just as easy when out as using a diposable. When you're out you have a wetbag (all CD companies make one as well as tons of Etsy sellers). You change baby like you normally would, but instead of throwing a diaper in the trash you just put it in your wetbag. The bag is designed for no leaking, and I've never had a bag leak. Then when I wash diapers from a wetbag I just open up the drawstring and put the whole bag in the wash, the cycles of the wash will make the diapers fall out. Or you can just dump the diapers in.
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