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Re: Who Has Started Their Stash?

Originally Posted by brookglen View Post
So, I don't cloth diaper (gasp!). But I'm kind of curious this go around. I guess I just don't get it, aren't you doing laundry all day long? What do you do with the waste, and what about when you're out and about, do you just walk around with a soiled diaper? Isn't it a ton more work?

Also don't you find it hilarious that someone has belonged to a cloth diapering forum for two years and doesnt know the answer to these questions?
No, I do not do laundry all day. I do diaper laundry like every 2-3 days. In the newbie period, if you're exclusively breastfeeding, you can just toss everything in your washing machine. It'll rinse away quite easily. Otherwise, I keep my peri bottles from the birth, and I use those in place of a diaper sprayer to rinse the poop in the toilet. When I'm out, I change my kid like I normally would. I just put the diapers in our wet bag to go home to wash, instead of tossing it. It's really not a ton more work, and even buying the most expensive brands, we've saved money over the years by buying used and not constantly overhauling our stash. Our diapers get used until they fall apart, basically. ETA: We also never have to worry about having to run to the store to get diapers. We have a big enough stash that there is always a clean one.
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