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Re: Need a fantastic summer dessert!

If you are actually grilling that pizza onsite and there will be bbq'ing, we like to do grilled fruit - mainly apples, bananas and peaches and serve over kinda melty ice cream. If you take the ice cream with you and have it in a cooler, it will get to the consistency in around an hour that it would need to be to serve.

For grilled bananas, slit the top and keep them in their peels. Put in a tiny bit of butter or honey, and a tiny bit of brown sugar. The sugar in the banana will caramelize too and they are so, so yummy.

For peaches, peel and core them and wrap in foil with some honey or butter and brown sugar if the peaches aren't sweet enough themselves.

For apples, same thing, but we do in a pie plate covered in foil straight on the BBQ.

You can do apples and peaches in chunks too but halves are prettier

For adults, we add a touch of scotch to each fruit - yum!

Let cool a tiny bit so it doesnt turn the ice cream to soup.

This is my favorite summer dessert because it really highlights the fruit.
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