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Originally Posted by evasimone
It sounds like sciatica. I've had it feel a few different ways. A burning sensation that runs down one of my legs, a pinching in my butt and down my leg or an aching pain that almost feels like my leg/hip is separating. Sometimes it's bad enough to make me limp.

I've had a fractured vertebra since the age of 11 and I've had very frequent sciatica ever since. I've had good success with accupuncture and doing certain yoga stretches. I would use caution with a chiropractor they often use pseudo science and can't diagnose basic back issues. When my back started hurting when I was 11 my mom took me to a chiropractor, he did some x rays and pronounced that I had scoliosis and then started cracking. A month later I was worse and my mom finally took me to a specialist at the children's hospital. A few x rays later and the spine doc said it was extremely easy to see that my vertebra was fractured and he even told my mom that if she hadn't brought me in their was a good chance I would have lost the ability to walk because my spine was completely destabilized, the last thing I needed was somebody twisting me and cracking me.

Needless to say I am not a fan of chiropractors and I think people should be way more cautious about using them than most are...
Sorry that was your experience. Imo, a chiro is like any dr in that you need to make sure to do your research and find a good one. Sadly it sounds like you were stuck with a lemon of a chiro.

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