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Re: Who Has Started Their Stash?

Originally Posted by linzerin View Post
For the veterans in the group, did you meet any resistance from DH or family members? I mentioned it to DH last week and he thinks I'm crazy. Any tips on convincing non-believers in your life?
With DD#2 I CDed from birth and MIL had bought Pampers (the new kind when they first switched and had all the chemical burning issues) even though she knew I was going to CD. Needless to say, those diapers got donated Hubby said he was against CDing, even though we CDed DD#1 from about 6-18 months so DD#2 is a little over 18 months old and he has never changed her diaper or washed them (which washing isn't a big deal). This next one will be CDed from birth and I don't expect him to do any diapers... although maybe he'll decided to help out since we will have 2 in diapers most likely... a girl can hope right?

As for the rest of family, some have (DH's side) said I was "crazy" and how "I couldn't do that" but my side knows to just keep their mouths shut, they know it's not their child so they don't have a say. My grandma will and has changed my DD's CDs with no issues nor has any other family member. I think the biggest thing I said when DD#2 was a newbie was about all the chemical burns babies were getting from the disposables, they changed their tune pretty fast. But then again, with DD#2 I home birthed so I was "hippie" enough for them to not question the cloth. (sorry for the long response)

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