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Postpartum care concerns

I wanted to see what other lady's experiences were in terms of healing from a VBAC versus a repeat c-section. Honestly, I kind of expected the VBAC recovery to be a piece of cake, all roses and all that, and I was surprised at some of the things I didn't expect:

*I had heavier bleeding this time, and it lasted longer (with the c-section it lasted maybe two weeks and was like a super light period, after the VBAC it was several weeks)

*I swear the lochia had a stronger smell

*My pregnancy hemorrhoids were aggravated by the VBAC and I needed a steroid foam to end the cycle.

*Intimacy is better this time around. For the year that I nursed my daughter after my c/s, I was incredibly dry and tight with no libido. I wouldn't say I'm back to normal after the VBAC, but things are definitely better (EBF this time again too).

*It took about 5 weeks for my 2nd degree tear to feel completely healed, the light bleeding to stop, and for me to feel back to "normal," though I was much, much more mobile in the days following birth compared to my c-section. I just wasn't expecting the bleeding to last longer.

There aren't too many people who have had both types of birth experiences, so I thought maybe we could help women doing a TOLAC know a little bit more what to expect, both the good, the bad, and the "Oh, really?" stuff. So what differences in your postpartum healing did you notice?
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