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I had heavier bleeding with my VBAC. I believe the reason for this is that with a c/s, the OB is really able to get in there and "clean" you out. I bled just as long with my c-section though, so no difference in the length for me.

I, too, think the lochia has a stronger smell after VBAC. I am 5 weeks PP with my VBAC and I still can smell lochia is currently in the tan/clear stage of spotting. Ick.

The sensitivity of my lady bits threw me for a loop after my VBAC. My clit was especially sensitive and it took a few weeks for that to subside. There was also this crazy feeling of pressure down there that would last for a few min every time when changing positions (laying to sitting, sitting to standing, ect).

I was amazed at how fantastic I felt just an hour after a vaginal delivery...and how I even got to shower right away! Recovery from my c/s was rough the first few days for me (nausea, pain, horrible swelling from excessive fluids and surgery) but my incision had healed by my 1 week incision check. Definitely much more mobile after my VBAC vs c/s.

No idea about how intimacy feels yet...I still have my three stitches since they never dissolved. Have to wait until my 6 week PP check to get them out. But I do have the desire to DTD already and definitely didn't feel like it for months after my c/s.

My milk took 4 days to transition out of only colostrum stage with my c/s vs day 2 with my VBAC. However, my DD from my c/s took a few days to latch, so that was probably a factor as well.

Overall, my VBAC was an incredible experience. I am deathly afraid of ever having another c/s now that I know how good I can have it with a vaginal birth.

ETA: Hemorrhoids are a new and not fun experience after my VBAC.
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