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I announced on Facebook this week. The responses were mostly vet nice and supportive. However there were a couple doosies. My uncle said "you're not very bright are, you haven't figured out how that happens yet" and a friend said "you're totally screwed". I'm still seething about my uncle. I'm mean seriously, I'm 38, married, and have only one other kid. It's particularly rich considering that his daughter had three kids with three different fathers (each one more pathetic than the last) starting at age 17. One of her kids was taken away by CPS and he and my aunt have raised him for years. How does he get off criticizing MY family planning decisions. Anyway I know how it happens: you go to the doctor and spend thousands if dollars. You give yourself painful injections in your tummy, go to the lab before 7:30 am every day to get blood tests, you subject yourself to endless dildo-cam experiences, you make your DH spooge in a cup. Grr

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