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Re: emotibums

Approximate date of purchase: End of May 2012

Where did you purchase the item from: DS pm custom

What did you buy: custom modified cover "glee" (size 1 without the fold over snaps but with added snaps for snapping in insert and narrower crotch); yellow outer, sky blue inner

How was the customer service: Awesome! First of all it's great that Melanie was willing to accommodate my wish for this special custom since it required quite a lot of changes from her regular covers. She contacted me with specific questions I hadn't even thought of to make sure the shell would fit our inserts...and once it was done she notified me right away and even sent me a preview picture :)

Review of the product: Awesome diaper/shell. Perfection down to the last detail. The inner snaps are hidden so the cute glee face won't be ruined, and even the tag was put in a place where it won't bother our daughter (or me). The fit is perfect for both our inserts and our daughter. The diaper is super soft and totally cute - couldn't ask for more!

Any additional comments? The waiting time for this custom was exactly as promised and shipping was super fast.

Would you do business with them again? Definitely! If I needed any more diapers right now I'd order a bunch more today! We already have 2 Emotibums longies that we also love!
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