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Re: How would you respond to someone asking this.

Originally Posted by 2beauties View Post
Here is what I wrote. I hope it sounded ok.

Hey! Our new baby girl is due sometime in September. It's really up to you about the name, it's not like I own it. Of course, I am a little possessive about my Evie June, but that is probably just because I am pregnant anyway. Are you going to call her Evelyn or Evie for short? Well ultimately if you want to use it you can do whatever you want.
Maybe ask yourself if someone used your Addy's name would it bother you? If not, then go for it! Thanks for asking. I am sure God will give you the exact name for you little one, and if its Evelyn June, then name her that. Blessings on another child!
I think this response kind of expresses exactly how you feel. You don't own the name so you can't forbid her to use it but if she can read a little between the lines she will get that you are not really happy about her using it.
I also agree that it's odd of her to already ask before she's even pregnant or expecting a girl.
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