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Re: Postpartum care concerns

I'll be honest, the first few days after my VBAC I questioned whether it was all really worth it because I was in so much more pain.

The recovery for my c-sec was longer but milder. I had it done at night so I went to "bed" right after, but first thing in the morning I was up and out of bed and moving around as much as I could. My milk took almost 5 days to come in and we had troubles BFing. I wasn't too scared about DTD once I had my 6 week check-up, and I had a really easy recovery.

For my VBAC it was shorter recovery but the pain was much more intense, especially in the first week. I had an episiotomy and a LOT of tearing, and I tore a few stitches, so needless to say sitting upright for that first week was agony. As for intimacy I was too terrified to DTD after all the stitches and swelling and pain until 10 weeks PP. My milk came in in about half the time. The nurses ushered me into the shower about an hour after I delivered and we only had to spend 1 night at the hospital. The afterpains when I nursed were so much worse, partly because they get worse with each kid, but also because I wasn't on any good pain meds like I was with my c-sec.
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