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Originally Posted by maple79vt
Hypnobabies include the tapping techniques? I relied heavily on tapping with my hypnobirthing, even during labor. It has been my tool for me to manage my anxiety. If you aren't familiar with it, for me I can feel the anxiety leave my body as I tap on the various points. It doesn't work for everyone but it's something that might help.
Is this like EMDR? I had a traumatic birth experience. I used EMDR (which is listening to tones on alternating sides and holding on to things that vibrate in time w/ the tone) and then discussing the trauma. I KNOW it sounds like total wacko garbage, but the method has been used for 20 years to treat PTSD. I went from a place where I could not move past what had happened to me - every time my mind wondered it went back to the birth and I hadnt bonded w the baby at 8 months to it being like remembering a bad breakup w an old boyfriend. It something that happened that sucked but it made me the person and mama that I am.

I had massive improvement in one session of EMDR even though I had been seeing the therapist for months.

I agree with others that you must get your mind in a positive place before the birth.

PS -
Hypnobabies has wonderful meditation/selfhypnosis tracks which really help minimize stress and anxiety. I warn you that at first it is not relaxing to learn to do it, but it's only weird for about a week. I did it for my first birth and would wake up as if I had slept for a week.
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