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Re: Postpartum care concerns

Tina, best wishes for a speedy delivery and easy recovery!

Ambie, yes, the afterpains during nursing seemed more painful this time, but I thought maybe I just didn't remember . . . your explanation makes total sense.

Holly, the lochia didn't have a foul smell . . . it was very earthy and minerally. I swear it smelled like iron.

But you know what, my sense of smell has been crazy strong recently, so that may have played a part too. A small bit of brie got down the garbage disposal last week and it's been driving me crazy. I finally had to treat the sink like I was defunking diapers! But no one else could smell anything. It sounds anecdotally like a lot of women who have had both types of delivery notice the lochia more with a vaginal delivery, which does make sense. Certainly the flow and duration are more objectively measured, and they were both stronger with the VBAC, so I don't see why the odor couldn't be too.
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