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Originally Posted by Freedom
I would definitely address this with your ex and his girlfriend, promptly. The thing that disturbs me is the fact that these two think it's alright to encourage a child to lie and hide things from her mother. That's not ok, ever.
I think this is my biggest issue.
The more I've thought about it...while it bugs me that she calls someone else mom, if that's what SHE chooses to do i'll suck it up. Teaching my child to lie to me and keep secrets from me is never acceptable.

She spent last Tuesday with my mom. She took her shopping and to lunch. I, generally, don't allow her to have soda. My mom asked her what she wanted to drink with her lunch and she said she wanted some soda...and that she knew she wasn't allowed to have it but that it was okay because they just wouldn't tell mommy. Maybe I'd let this pass if it was an isolated issue, but it's not. Them teaching her to keep secrets and not tell me things, is also passing on to her thinking she can do whatever she wants and just won't tell me.
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