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New to pumping!

When I had my first daughter I did not think about pumping until she was already a couple of months old (I think) and by that time I had a hard time getting any extra milk. Most times that I pumped I would only get an ounce at best. It was fine for a while, but by the time she was 7 months old I was having to miss appointments and stuff because I couldn't leave her at all. Now my second daughter is 2.5 weeks old and I'd like to be able to pump enough to have some milk stored just incase. I started pumping about a week ago just to relieve some engorgement and am now able to get 2-3oz per pumping session (not a lot to some but a really big deal to me since I had a hard time getting even an ounce with dd1.) I'm only pumping once every couple of days.

So, what is a good pumping schedule for me to be able to store a little bit of milk?

Also- I am storing the milk in baby food trays (like ice cube trays)- should I take them out and just put them in ziploc bags? Do I need to seperate them by each pumping session? Or any better suggestions for storage? I'm just working with a pretty much nonexistent budget so I'm trying to use stuff I already have.

Just wanted to add that I don't have any plans to introduce a bottle any time soon. I'm just trying to think ahead.
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