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What has your favorite age to parent been?

Poll coming. I know most of the posters here have mainly younger kids, not sure if many even have adult children. I just added general ages.

The previous post made me think of this. I'm in the newborn loving group. When I had DS1 at a mommy n me group the 2 nurses who ran it mentioned multiple times how it seemed like I had infinite patience. I have no idea where that infinite patience went to but as soon as DS1 turned about 1.5 I was constantly frustrated and it's all gone downhill since. Give me a newborn ANY day!

I know others who have hated the newborn stage saying it felt unrewarding to give so much to such a needy person and get little in return (especially the first few months before they are starting to smile, laugh etc) or they didn't like the sleepless nights and couldn't wait to be out of the baby stage.

I know someone who LOVES the toddler stage. (I did too but that was before I had kids and could spoil my nieces and nephews then give them back )

I know each stage has its highs and lows. There are definitely things I love about my kids at 2 and 4. They are also still pretty young so we haven't reached many things yet.
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