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Re: Would you permit the throwing of a second baby shower?

I just had a shower a few weeks ago. It is for our 6th babe. It was our second shower. Our oldest child is 8 and our youngest is 3...I felt like it was going to be viewed as being tacky, but this is our first babe that will be born while we attend the new church we are at and the ladies wanted to give us a shower.

There is little for us that we needed and I considered not doing one. But I am glad that we did. Not only did it allow us to get a few items that I wouldn't have paid for myself because they are "frivolous" (think automatic battery operated nose sucker) and new nursing bras...we don't use cloth wipes, we were blessed with a ton of disposable wipes. Tons of cute outfits and hair bows for our impending girl. There was a fabulous first aid kit that we got as well, and some of the bigger items for babe are more compact than what they were 8 years ago, so like the bath tub we got, is going to be nice because we live in a small home with little storage space, but the bath tub we got is super tiny compared the big one that I had when my oldest was born.

But the biggest pay off of all of this was not the gifts. It was people coming to celebrate the impending birth of our ShelbyJoy. After having a couple of kids we have become accustomed to people reacting negatively to our choice to have more, and it was nice to have that reaction of a TON of women getting together and getting excited over a new baby girl coming, and squealing over new outfits, pink rattles and the thought of how fun she is going to be over the years. It was nice because not only was my family incredibly blessed, but the women who all came were incredibly blessed as well. I am so grateful that I got over the whole this may be tacky thought, because otherwise, the companionship, blessings and friendships would not have been foraged that day.
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