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Blood and Urine?

Okay! Well... we FINALLY had Sam on 7-7 via c-section... I just couldn'd dialate... AND... he came out at exactly 10 pounds!

We are exclusively breastfeeding... and Sam is very good at it. However, I've already cracked my skin a little bit (not enough to make ME quit!).

To make a quick question quicker: when we change Sam's diaper after he's pee'd it looks reddish. I tried to reassure my DH that it's probably just blood from what he's drawn from me ( at first it was a pretty substantial amount from the cracks) but DH is still worried it might actually be from Sam.

Is this normal for the first few days (Sam's only 4 days old today)? The nurses never said anything about it... so I think it might be. PS... Sam was left intact.. so I know it's not from a cir'c job.

Thanks mommies for helping a newbie out with breastfeeding!
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