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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

We have just recently come to that place...and to be honest I still struggle sometimes. I was on the pill during our first 10 years of marriage (we had 4 dc, 2 while on the pill ). Than everyone told us of course we should be done and we agreed. Dh had a vasectomy and God lead us to a change of heart when my youngest was almost 5. We had a reversal and now I'm pregnant with our 2nd reversal baby, #6 total. I'm thrilled now but when I was 1st pregnant this time for the first time ever, I struggled. My dc are so excited which helps as does having older dc. I go back and forth about what to do in the future but as dh pointed out we had the reversal for a reason (he would support me no matter what, but I agree fully with him).

So...we'll see what happens from here. I do believe that all children are a blessing and God has shown time and time again that He will provide abundantly.
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