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Re: Little vent about constant comments at work

When I was pregnant with DS3, I kept getting Facebook messages from my MIL... "So do we have a baby yet?" ... "Any baby yet?" .... "Are you still pregnant."

I told my DH that if she asked one more time I WOULD find a way to punch her through the computer.

1. What's this " do WE have a baby yet?" Lady, here is no "WE" where you are concerned.. the WE is my husband and I.

2. Yeah, I had the baby a week ago, I just forgot to tell you *eyeroll*

3. And What the heck.. it wasn't even my due date yet!

And right now I'm just past 25 weeks. My baby is due Sept 23rd and I'm tired of being told "You're not going to make it to September." Why thank you for "rooting" for my baby to be a preemie! (Addressed in a post on the general pregnancy board, LOL).

All that to say.. yah... people are annoying sometimes.

God bless!
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