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Re: What do you have to do?

You mamas have been busy! DH put the furniture back in place in the bedroom before I got home yesterday. I think I'm gonna love our new upstairs! All that's new is the floors, but what a difference it makes!! Plus it gave us a chance to do a deep clean and start fresh again. We got new floors, I got a Swiffer Wetjet. Now I just need to get some cheapo prefolds to have reusable pads instead of the disposable ones for the Swiffer. I couldn't sleep last night. Too much on the brain I guess. So at 4am I was cleaning off window ledges, cleaning the windows (which I discovered is hard to do when it's dark out!), and hung the curtains back up in the bedroom after a few alterations. Little bits at a time.

My goals for the rest of this week and the weekend:
-make a new dog bed since there's no more carpet up there
-make 4 mama cloths
-measure & cut out nursery curtain fabric

That looks like a lot!! Dinner with the hubby tonight for his bday.

-add elastic at the corners of our bedsheet (so it doesn't always pop off the mattress while we sleep. ugh)
-move back upstairs to our bedroom
-assemble the crib when it arrives on Friday, we hope (?)
-assemble the cradle while my parents are here this weekend
-make a new mattress base for the cradle
-have fun at my first baby shower hosted by the church!
-order the birth and encapsulation kits with Friday's paycheck
-set up consignment account at WeeCycle to get rid of extra baby stuff
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