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Re: Anyone in denial?

Woah, Andrea that is REALLY fast! How long have you had your IUD in? I have a friend who got hers out Dec (or Jan?) and she's been trying this whole time. I know it can take a while after an IUD, she had her's in for about 2 years....
Anyway, it's a little hard to believe for me as well! Just because our littlest turned 1 on May 1st... and we've been talking about waiting...
There was only ONE opportunity this past month where we were "less than careful" (we do NFP) and BAM I ended up pregnant. ONE TIME. A month ago I was like "no way, another year"... a week ago I was like "hmm... I would like another baby"... and it's like as SOON as I'm "OK" with the idea I'm pregnant.
I swear my DH can just KISS me and I end up pregnant LOL. I'm so thankful & know it's a blessing that we don't have fertility issues. But seriously, I don't know anyone more fertile than my DH and I. We're talkin, we got pregnant with DD1 on our honeymoon...
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