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So, I finally made my choice and bought 2012 City Mini. I LOVE it, it's awesome. The only thing I don't love is the harness but whatever. Problem is, dd seems to hate it. Every time she is been in it within minutes she is flipping around sideways crying and wanting out. She leans sideways in the seat also, like sea unsupported. She did not do this in our Chicco Cortina. I know it's normal to go through a phase of not wanting to be restrained and I do babywear frequently and she enjoys that. She is learning to walk also so that may be a cause.

I guess my question is, could she really have a dislike for this stroller? Maybe it's uncomfortable for her? Have your kids ever shown a preference for one stroller over another? Not having a stroller isn't an option, there are times I need to use it. I also prefer to not have just a little $10 umbrella stroller, I like my stroller to be versatile. I'm selling my Cortina as Dh hates how bulky it is and the fold.

Advice or suggestions welcome, for the baby and/or a stroller should I decide to return it (the stroller ).

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