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Re: DD hates the new stroller!

Originally Posted by mommabritt View Post
Did he show his preferences at such a young age? Dd will only be just 10 months on Saturday.
Yup. I took him shopping with me for most of the baby gear and he had strong preferences from the start as we had almost nothing. At a few weeks, he picked his swing and bouncy seat. I'd just put him in it as I didn't want to buy/return. He pitched a fit at the bumbo at Target but I thought they were cute and I bought one anyway and that was when I learned to listen to him. We got lucky with the first two of the car seats, but after that I took him shopping for most of them. He had very strong opinions. I'd just set the ones I liked on the floor and see if he'd climb in them/sit in them. A few he wouldn't even go near. Same with strollers. At six months, he had strong opinions on strollers when we switched out of the snap and go. We'd take cruises around the store. Then I got another one (I had the Quinny Zapp)/the Uppa about 8-10 months ago, I forget and we both went again and he'd just not get in them or pitch a fit. We both agreed on the Uppa as he pitched a fit when I took him out and tried another one. He's that way with shoes and other things too. Some stuff he cares about and others he doesn't. It entertains me but I can see how it can be very frustrating too.

Just consider her a smart little girl and listen to her as she's probably right on these things.

The two umbrella strollers we liked were the Chicco (I forget which one but it was the middle one) and the Uppa but the Uppa was lighter and cheaper so I went with that one. The backs are firmer and sit more upright. He seemed to sleep regardless of a recline so I never worried about getting one.

Look on the city mini website - they have a back support insert that may help. I didn't like them though I really wanted to for many reasons at at the time that was one.
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