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Please help....Freaking OUT! What is going on???

Update Post # 11
I'm pumping as I type this. It's 4:52 am and I'm freaking out. I started back to work a few weeks ago. Everything has been going great with pumping. I'm working from 7:30-2 pm and he's been eating about 9 oz while I'm gone. I've been pumping between 14-16 oz. I was pumping around 10:00 am and getting 8-10 oz at the first pumping and again around 3:00 pm to get the rest. That's been working well for 2 weeks. Well, yesterday, I noticed that I wasn't pumping as much. I pumped 7.5 oz around 10am yesterday and then pumped again at 2:00pm and only got about 4 oz. So, last night, I came home and fed baby, went on about my night and then pumped around 9:00 for an hour on and off to get enough let downs to get the rest. I ended up with 15 oz total yesterday, so I felt ok that I had pumped what I needed. I nursed baby to sleep as usual last night. Well, I just woke up and realized he slept through the night...and my boobs aren't engorged. This is the first time that's happened when he's slept through the night. So, I immediately went to get my pump. I've been pumping for almost 15 minutes and I've gotten nothing but a few drops. I have no idea what's going on here and I am freaking out!!! My biggest fear is that I won't be able to keep my supply up. I nursed my daughter for 3 years, so this is HUGE for me. I HAVE to be able to do this. I know I'm probably overreacting, but in his 3.5 months of life, this is the first time this has happened. This also never happened with my daughter. The day before yesterday, I did go a little longer in between pumpings, but I still pumped what I needed to for the day with no problems...that wouldn't cause this, would it? I know they say that your boobs not feeling full doesn't mean you don't have milk, but with him not waking up to eat, and my boobs not feeling full really has me freaked out. It just hasn't happed before. I'm going to go get some More Milk today. I'm hoping that maybe it's just because my period is coming back soon, but I am in tears. (Which I know isn't helping my supply, either) Has anyone gone through this??? I am terrified that my milk is drying up.
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