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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of June 11th

Originally Posted by JCPACandMommy View Post
Hope your test goes well....How cool to have the CSA to get veggies and stuff from!!
Originally Posted by lalakiwi7 View Post
Jennifer- the farm sounds fun. hehe and play dates too!

AFM: HCG over 800 yesterday!!! So that is more than doubling every 48!! For now my heart is happy! I am just praying to make it to 12 weeks without a hitch! See that little heart beat and keep on hearing it.
The CSA is a form of entertainment and a place to get food all rolled into one! I am really glad we got it! It took us 4 hours last Thursday to get all that we needed to pick.

Congratulations on your beta number! I hope you are able to continue to do well!

Originally Posted by jacquelinemarie82 View Post
Well it is more nerve wracking then exciting...I cancelled today's appt. I just don't have the emotional and mental strength right now to do this. I also don't really have the emotional support at home. My dh is totally on board and even working a part time job to help expenses BUT that is all he is able to offer. He cannot offer emotional support...he just doesn't get it. He feels like let's do this because we have the money and won't be able to get kids any other way so let's just do this. But there is a lot more to it than that.

Anyway I didn't make it in this morning. I rescheduled for Monday but honestly don't know for sure that I will make it in then either. If I don't, then I may just cancel the whole possibly be done in the future when I am ready. Not sure and don't know what will help make me sure. kwim?
I could be way off but I think I am a bit in your shoes. My DH is trying to get a better job in part because of the cycle (the other part is even if I don't cycle I am expensive medically). So maybe your feeling guilty that your DH is working as hard as he is? I know I am guilty. It is hard to just take that leap when you don't know if it is a sure thing. For me I have been waiting for August 2012 for so long I feel like this isn't even 2012... or maybe that is just me not wanting to feel 35 (36 in October). The bottom line for me is when your ready you will know and you will not let anything stop you.

Originally Posted by yellowitchgrl View Post
I have a friend who got married the year before me who has 4 sons, her oldest is only a year older than mine, however she's getting divorced so I really don't envy her Her kids are uber cute though
How sad for her boys! That is very bad! My cousin (who is also my children's guardian in our wills) might be getting a divorce (bad game of telephone in my family). Divorces are never pretty but at least my cousin doesn't have any children of her own.

Originally Posted by yellowitchgrl View Post
Yay Liesl!!!! Praying for a sticky baby!!!!!!!

AFM- my son came through his scope just fine, but there are some funny things on his esophagus. Not sure what it is yet, we're waiting on the scope results. My mom gets here on Thursday, I should start my period on Saturday, and my allergies are still trying to kill me. I'm going back to working on getting my house in order, but when we find out the scope results I'll let you know.
So glad every thing went well for your son! I hope that the scope results are what you hope!

Originally Posted by amyltc View Post
Yes yes yes! Just heard from a friend who has a 6 month old ( not planned) that she is pg with another oops. This will be 4 for them. They only wanted two. So unfair :no:

I've been reading in here, cheering you all on, feeling a little down today and thought id pop on for some support. I wish that I could say things are easier now that we aren't actively ttc,but my heart still hurts, I wonder if I'll always feel this way, I'm tired of it.
How do people have "oops" babies? I don't get that. Are we really to believe they don't know where babies come from?

I am sorry your dealing with so much. I imagine that with time things will get easier for you but never go away completely.

AFM - DH gave me a cold. He also gave it to DS. I am SOOOOOO mad!! DH is never sick and this year has been awful for us! I am blaming the mild winter. I think these germs are from NC or VA or something. I never lived there and every time I have moved to a new area I spend the first year sick! I am feeling a bit better today so maybe I can get over this fast.
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