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Re: Do any of you homeschool?

I'm nervous BUT excited to start homeschooling. I decided to homeschool before I found out I was preggo, and sticking to my plans. My 2 daughters just finished Kinder (Val) and 1st (Veronica) in public school, so I will be working more on teaching Val to read, and Veronica reading better vocab etc. I am still researching curriculum, and havent decided yet, but this summer we are supposed to start with some siple workbooks to get them used to being schooled at home, I hear theres an "unschooling" period where the kids need to get used to mom or dad teaching and not a school, which applies only if theyve been in pub school.
I orignally planned to homeschool from day 1, but DH was not supportive, now that hes seen them in pub school he is very supportive of me homeschooling.
I dunno what to do for sure when baby comes, but I already have to work around Vin who is 18mo, and will be 2 when new baby gets here, so I want something that doesnt need me to be on it the whole time, to take breaks for feeding, naps, diaper changes etc. just kinda take it as it comes, and was thinking I'd try and take a a couple weeks off when baby gets here, it will be around christmas anyway.
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