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We're PLing!!! So it's destash, get-it-out-of-my-house, we-are-done-done-done time! I have tried to be as honest as possible about each diaper, but I am human. PP or trades welcome, but I'm ISO very little. PM with questions or interest.

**These do not come with inserts.**

FB size L $6ppd each or $30ppd for remaining 6
(2 bright pink, 1 lavender, and black are SOLD)
Old-style, pointy tabs. They all have some staining/dingyness and have had the leg elastics replaced. One of the Lilac ones has a small pull in the PUL on one of the tabs. The black, blue and red on top fit snugger than the ones below them but they all say large. Go figure.

This is the worst staining...

HappyHeinys L $4.50ppd each (these are almost FFS)
They are both dingy inside and the aplix has seen better days but it still works.
Cow print OS (SOLD) & royal blue size L

Fine print:
All items come from a dog-friendly, smoke-free home.
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