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Originally Posted by Keme
Oh, that is us! Um, my fiance and our son live (with one baby on the way) with another couple who is trying to conceive. We did it now so that the kids could start out together and it wouldn't be a transition AFTER the kids were here. We LOVE it. My 3 year old loves it- he lives with a "tia' and "tio" that he LOVES, there's lots of attention to go around, and we're planning for shared childcare in the home when the other baby comes.

As far as bills, we split rent 4 ways (4 adults). As far as utilities, it works easily like this for us: one couple is responsible for water and internet, the other for gas and electric. This works out to be even for us. Food is a bit more complicated, but we do "all food is common food", with the exception of leftovers from a restaurant- that is for the person who bought it. Everyone is on their own for lunch and breakfast, we take turns making supper. I like it because I don't have to cook every single night, which is nice.
Hmm, what else...chores we all share- my fiance tends to take care of the back yard, and we all work in the garden, although I do more cleaning in the house and the other couple does more outside, mainly now because I'm pregnant.
I guess I could go on and on, but not sure what you were thinking. I will say there are tough aspects, but I wouldnt trade it for anything.
Thank you for your reply

We have 5 kids between us and we plan to live together and have our DHs work so we can stay home with our kids I'd also work part time from home to help with money for extra expenses. Just wanted to hear from other families to make sure we weren't crazy for wanting to do this!

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