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Re: Anyone in denial?

Originally Posted by lalakiwi7 View Post
Girl I hear ya here as well.... we have secondary infertility related to me having stage four endometriosis and have been TTC for 2.5 years with two early losses last year. I finally had surgery in Jan (and discovered the endo) followed by three rounds of depot lupron and was waiting for my cycle to come back since lupron puts you in a temporary state of menopause. We had been trying so hard for so long I am still in shock that we didn't even try and we are pregnant!! I swore that would never be able to happen to me because I am so aware of my cycle. I would never have tested either except we were going to celebrate our anniversary with some sangria and what not so I just wanted to "make sure" and almost passed out when I saw that second line. I had to pee on 7 more tests ( all different) before I would even believe it was finally real.

I am still getting HCG levels tested several times a week and haven't told very many people because I am a tad nervous about being too excited at this point but man.... I so hope we both make it too Feb with our sweet bundles of joy and the long years of TTC will all be worth every minute.

Glad to have someone else in similar shoes.... what is your due date????
Feb 15th.

It is still surreal. I look at my tests every day. I check my boobs every morning. I am holding off on the test taking as I only have 2 more while in Seattle.

I have PCOS (well not now that I went gluten free) and I thought we would never have another child. I had a MC 18 months ago and 9 before that. But ALL of them never had HPT as positive as the OP. I would MC before AF was due or right after.

I have to keep telling myself "I am pregnant". Though having the U/S probably will help.
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