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any nurses or doctors? UPDATE!

update on page 2

I am probably taking my son in again for this but wanted anyone elses inputs or experiences...ok a week ago DS (2 yrs old) wouldnt sleep for two nights in a row complaining that his tummy hurt..all he would do is cry and roll around in bed..i consoled him, and did what i could and in the morning he seemed fine..the second night same thing only he vomited too. i took him to the doctor but because it was gone she was not concerned, said it could teething, gas or many minor things...a week went by and 2 nights ago he wouldnt sleep with a bad tummy ache again that went away in the morning....last night he didnt sleep a peep and vomited like 5 times...we all ate the same thing, and nothing has recently changed in his diet. since he has been little i have noticed food still whole and in tact in his diaper and sometimes his stool will be accompanied with what looks like a bunch of wet sand from the beach...could this all be related? i have no idea what to think...
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