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Originally Posted by Harmony96

Yeah it wasn't a resident who cut me, lol. They have to learn but they can do the cutting on the non-emergency sections. A resident dictated my op report though.

I "watched" what I could for the minute or so before I went under. Felt like there were 20 people in the operating room. I felt myself being "trimmed" lol, felt the catheter, took the mask off briefly to tell them that baby was head-down and I wanted a low incision (which they did) and a double-layer closure (which they did not do). But it was weird to have so much stuff done to me, by so many different people, so fast. Didn't seem like there would be enough room for all those people.

I wasn't even in any condition to help transfer myself from the hospital bed to the OR table. I'd lost too much blood and was super weak.

But anyway. I'm hoping that if I have to have another c-section in the future (and I'm hoping to NOT have one) that it's not an emergency. But having been through one before, I feel like I know what to ask for, for next time. It's a bigger picture than just the type of incision.

This is all I remember too. I woke up as they were wheeling me back to my L&D room. And I woke up asking where my baby and DH were and if I still had my uterus. After that the morphine kicked in and I have a fuzzy period of time. I remember reassuring DH it was ok to go get himself some In n Out a couple hours later at about midnight. lol Poor guy hadn't eaten since noon.

I'm typing on my iPhone, sorry.
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