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Update on my job situation.

Original thread here:

Well, I decided not to leave him the letter, I could see how some of you said it sounded a little negative and ungrateful for the job. So I chose to speak to him instead.

We worked out the details, he was VERY understanding and was just happy that I wanted to stay on even after DD gets here.

Today I found out it's a moot point anyway. My current contract ends July 31st (I thought it ended August 31st). Apparently "they" are moving him into a new program. I guess at the start of this round, he was able to choose them to assign him a care giver, or he could pick his own. He didn't realize they were two different programs. The program he chose so that he could keep me, was through the Area Department of Aging Agency, the OTHER one was a contract with Easter Seals.

Well, they are moving him into the program that goes through the Department of Alzheimer, which is the program that contracts with Easter Seals. *I* have been working through the Department Area of Aging... and the two are not inter-mixable.

I called the director of the Alzheimer program, who said I needed to work for Easter Seals to stay on with Joey. She gave me the number to Easter Seals. Ms. Boyd (at Easter Seals) told me that I would not be allowed to be hired for just one client, that I would have to agree to work a schedule that included other clients as well.

Unfortunately, I cannot commit to that right now.

So I called Joey back, and explained to him how everything was explained to me, and that I cannot agree to work for more than one client. He was VERY understanding. He's sad that I cannot stay on, as he really likes me, he trusts me, and his wife loves me and my husband. So the new contract would be August 1 - January 31st.

I told Joey that if, at the end of his new contract, they give him the option of going back to the program he is on now (where I'm working for him) that I would be more than happy to come back to work for him and Betty. Which he said that he would DEFINITELY try to do. By that time DD will be about 3 months old and we will have been adjusted.

I truly think that this might be a blessing in disguise. I'm starting to have those "bad days" where I"m just so tired and want to go to bed early. And who knows... maybe DD will come early, maybe DD will come late, or maybe something is going to happen with Betty that will require more physical effort and she'll need someone who is able to pick her up....

As nice as the extra money is.... I can see how this might be a blessing.

So.. for those who are wondering.. that's where we're at. My last day of work will be Sunday, July 29th (LOL same day as my baby shower actually). And that'll be it for at least 6 months.

God bless!
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