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Re: The economics of hybrid diapers is broken

you need an "other" option on the poll...=)

I don't think it's evil corporation vs. the duped people, really. I think it's consumer driven. There is def. a market for hybrids. I use flips, but have never used the disposable inserts. There are tons of options in the cd market, and most people who go into cding research a whole lot before choosing a system that works for them. If I were a travelling/working mom that wanted to cd but still have a better environmental option for the travelling with babe, I'd def. go for disp. inserts for trips and then the cloth for at home.
Is this your first baby? After a few kids, you realize that poop is no biggie--if you wash your kids sheets when they spit up or wet, same with clothes, or for one throws those away or has issues with washing...
Seriously, cding is easy. You may find another option that works for you that is cheaper than hybrids...

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