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Re: The economics of hybrid diapers is broken

I think if cost is your primary factor then you 1) have your priorities a little out of order and 2) should use a system other than hybrids.

I personally don't use the disposable inserts. I personally don't use any disposable diapering products. I choose to use cloth because it is better for baby and better for the environment. Cost is not a factor, however, in the year that I have been cloth diapering the 14 month old that I keep during the week, I have cut his parent's disposable diaper bill in half! They have gone from using two cases of diapers a month to using one. That is 120 diapers a month not in a landfill. 120 changes a month that he does not have carcenogenic checmicals touching his reproductive organs. 120 changes a month that I do not have to worry about diaper rash, blowouts and leaks. That to me is well worth the two loads of laundry that I do every week.

I don't know why people think that cloth is hard but it is actually very easy - and a lot of fun. And it can be cost effective if you are willing to put a little effort into the process. You can buy a stash of prefolds and covers or flats and covers for about the cost of 1-2 weeks of diapers and use them forever. All that is required of you is a load of laundry. If the laundry piece is really THAT big of a deal to you maybe look into a diapering service. You dirty them, they wash them.
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