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Re: Quick and Easy Prep Dinners

My number one thing when I do not have time to cook anything is whole chicken and roasted fingerling potatoes (or bigger ones cut up) and carrots.

Place chicken in large baking dish. Sprinkle salt ONLY (no oil or fat) on top. Put potatoes and carrot pieces around chicken. Bake at 425 for a little over an hour. The chicken fat will baste the veggies. It takes me around two mins to assemble.

I also posted this in the thread about hating cooking, but when we are going through crazy periods or someone is sick, I take one hour and cook everything for the next 5 days. It turns into three chicken and two beef dishes so sorta repetitive but it allows me to have everything ready to go and just needing to be cooked out or assembled or heated up. I have done it on Sundays when my husband is playing with the baby.

Your pork chops sound yummy, I will have to try those.
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