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Re: Washing Routines

Originally Posted by Buckmommy View Post
Hi mommas,

I am new to cloth diapering, and I am looking at prepping all my used cloth diapers. What is your routine? Also, what is your regular washing routine? Which detergent do you use? Dryer, or hang to dry? I'm worried about destroying the PUL.

Thanks Ladies!
I do a cold rinse, warm/hot wash with detergent followed by a cold rinse.... Use lots of water and rinse extra if you need too! There shouldn't be any bubbles left in the water when rinsing...
Buying used is a great way to save money, but make sure you strip your diapers (as you don't know what was used on them, or if there are any germys left on them also)
I use tide free and clear (but the powder) and it works great... Or Purex free and clear...I used bleach on my inserts once (the ones I bought used) but I don't use bleach on my covers/pockets.. I also try to hang dry to covers/shells etc as much as possible! Not necessary but I would like to prolong the life as much as possible and hope that they may have some resale value after I am done with them!
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