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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

Hi mamas! My name is Brittany. I have 3 kids and am pregnant with #4. Does TTC still count as leaving it up to God? I don't have cycles for 2 years while breastfeeding unless I use herbs to induce my cycle and then use progesterone cream to have a long enough LP. So with 2 of my kids I was charting and actively trying. I've always been curious if that counts as leaving it up to God or if that's considered taking things into your own hands...

Anyway! I'd like to leave it up to God but my DH isn't 100% on board. He doesn't want me to use any hormonal BC but we are both ok with barrier methods. He is stressed with his work situation right now and I think he needs to feel like we at least have control in some areas. I know that I won't get pregnant for at least two years after this baby if I leave things up to my body. I don't think he'd be opposed to not preventing, but we were young when we had DS1 (20 and 21) and I think he wants to know there's an end in sight. We'd like to travel together, retire early and do lots of charity work, etc. Of course these things can be done while raising kids, but we also want to have "us time" at some point since we didn't have it in our early years of marriage.

Basically, to make a short story long, in my heart of hearts, I believe in leaving it up to God. I think it's the right choice for our family. I know DH will come around to that too if it's meant to be that way.
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