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Originally Posted by kaylabelle05 View Post
I have my 1st on 6/25. I would have done it ASAP but when you are 1300 miles from your OB/GYN it makes it kind of hard.

My main concern is that there is more than 1. Between my "morning" sickness first being so early (usually happened around 7wks) and so severe and then my HPT's on the FRER were VERY positive so early (unless that is normal?) (my avatar is my HPT taken 17DPO)

While I would ecstatic to have more than one, I honestly don't know if my OB/GYN does home births for twins. He does do them for 1 baby. I really want my home birth this time around. I have already had 2 drug-free natural births and I finally have a home (and state) where home birth would be perfect!
Follow the link and you will find that a really dark line at 17dpo is very common.
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