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I went more on the connection, and how the techniques/skills they planned to use during labor would help me. My first was certified, I forget through whom. It's on her website and she told me, but I forgot. I was more interested in hearing her tell me the different ways she could be there for me, how many births she had attended, etc. And personality was huge for me. I wanted someone I could feel completely at ease with so that ex-DF wouldn't have to play that role if he needed a break or it was something he knew nothing of.

This time I have a doula in training (shadowing under my first doula), highly recommended by my first doula as she was hers for her last birth.

I'm always interested in knowing about skills (my current's backup doula is a massage therapist for example), but certification never really mattered to me. I guess because they aren't going to be medically involved at all, and more emotional and lightly physically supportive (for me anyway, I didn't have back labor or anything but needed hip compressions for my SPD. I'm sure others need more hands on). I was also more of a word of mouth person. I knew women that had had her as a doula, my midwives had all delivered with her there numerous times and loved how she supported mamas, she was crunchy in her home life and with her kids so she understood all my requests, etc.

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