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Originally Posted by heidi_naw View Post
I found out in college that I had/have a septate uterus. I also have mild endometriosis. After trying on our own for about 8 months, the doc did a lap and septum resection. I got pregnant my first cycle off of hormones. My RE sent me off to the high risk clinic. All was well, but I had a major bleed at 12 weeks - it turned out to be a subchorionic hematoma. The docs were convinced I'd miscarry. After the episode of bleeding, my RE took over my OB care. I had some pre-term labor that they were able to stop at 30 weeks with restricted activity and Procardia. At 35 weeks, I went into full blown labor. I was a C/S since my son was breech.

I went back to my RE to confirm this pregnancy - we were super excited because he talked about delivery! He said he wants me on progesterone starting at 16 weeks to see if this babe can bake a while longer and said I am a good candidate for a VBAC :-)

What made you high risk?
Woah, that must have been one stressful pregnancy! I hope you can have a really uneventful one this time around. Im on progesterone, it's gross.
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